GERBER Having Made Large Investment to Help Companies Reducing Costs

From:Date:2021/04/23 15:01:05

As the  price of raw material and product keeps rising, Gerber Technology is proud to announce key enhancements to their software packages that will make possible cost reduction and optimize the manufacturing process. In the past year, Gerber has made heavy investment to guarantee that furniture, transportation, composites, and technical textile manufacturers have the necessary technology to improve margins, optimize production and reduce expenses so they can combat the rising price of materials and transportation.

Gerber’s latest software releases will enable manufacturers to deal with the increase in costs by providing better transparency and more traceability. Producers will reduce faults, strengthen sustainability, increase material utilizations by means of an unique algorithm.

Gerber has put forth a roadmap to offer more enhancements, more frequently. The latest software places an emphasis on improving nesting engines, maximizing precision and offering more visibility into the supply chain. It will also allow companies to conduct design work faster than ever and without error. Gerber will continue to update and optimize nesting algorithms and make them easily accessible to all customers on contract. Additionally, Gerber is offering enhanced training to ensure all operators are able to get up to speed quickly.