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Promotion of CISMA2021 the Most Influential Overseas Distributor Launched

From:Date:2021/04/25 09:35:03

On April 15, the organization committee of CISMA2021 has formally commenced the promotion activities of CISMA2021 the most influential overseas distributors for the purpose of fulfilling its roles in expanding international markets, making good use of advantageous distributor resources, and eventually facilitating the internal and external circulation of sewing machinery industry; for enterprises having applied for the show, please don't hesitate to partake in such activities; by the way, it's free of charge.


All the exhibitors of CISMA2021 are eligible to recommend overseas distributors to the organization committee of the show as per the Promotion Guidelines for CISMA2021 the Most Influential Overseas Distributor, and such exhibitors and distributors shall fill out and submit related documents correctly.


Enterprises application: April 15th to July 15th

Admission announcement: Sept 1st to 10th

Online vote: Sept 10th to 26th

On-site release: Sept 27th

Awarding: Oct

Selection and award

The selection will be conducted through combining experts assessment and online vote, and 10 to 20 applicants will be finally determined as the most influential overseas distributors; all the foreign distributors admitted will be accessible to the major promotion services and preferential policies launched by CISMA.


Market Work Council, China Sewing Machinery Association

Contact: Ms Mu Yinghua, Ms Wang Lingyun

Add.: 5C-706, Baiziyuan No.16, Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang, Beijing

Tel.: 010-65242231


Please don't hesitate to contact us to get documents including notice, promotion guidelines, application sheet.