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PEGASUS and JUKI Announcing Strategic Cooperation Relationship

From:Date:2021/04/28 10:18:28

On April 26, Pegasus and Juki formally announced that they have built cooperation relationship concentrating on industrial sewing machine business.

Against the backdrop of fast development of technologies like digital tech and IoT, and in the advent of the new norm against Covid pandemic, Pegasus and Juki have decided to follow the latest trend, fully support the reopening of sewing machinery industry, and strive for healthy growth of such business. They hold such a belief that cooperation can substantially improve the operator's skill and the labor environment, and also facilitate the research and development of production management system responsive to demands. Besides, it will also save a large amount of resources and energy.

In particular, their cooperation focuses on the following 2 aspects: first, jointly develop the emerging markets, share with each other their business resources, establish sales and service network in such markets, and promote products specific to developing countries; second, join hands to develop products, develop techs including digitalization and networking of circular sewing machines, attend related large expo together, and make a joint effort to devise business structure.