ZOJE and INA Developing Strategic Cooperation Relationship

From:Date:2021/05/10 11:33:18

In the afternoon of May 7, ZOJE and INA have signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and Li Hui, President of ZOJE, Weng Duanwen, President of INA have attended the ceremony.

On this occasion, Weng has spoken highly of ZOJE, and shared his view from the following 3 perspectives: joint exploration of seamless connection of bilateral product data, training of distributors and marketing team, and development of key clients. He hopes that through this cooperation both sides can wield their product and professional strength, collectively build an intelligent manufacture solutions for apparel industry, and improve the efficiency across the industry. Xie Ruiqing, Vice President of ZOJE, made it clear that these two companies will build a broad cooperation platform, share data and client resources, and exploit more business opportunities.