JACK Donating Pandemic Prevention Supplies to Its Indian Distributors

From:Date:2021/06/02 15:36:42

Since mid-April, India has seen record daily pandemic cases. As a result, cities in India have to reinstate the lockdown one after another. Upon the break out of second wave, Ruan Jixiang, co-founder of JACK, and Qiu Yangyou, Deputy General Manager have stressed that JACK needs to pay close attention to the situation in India, and give all the reasonably possible support to Indian distributors, agents and their employees.

Then JACK's Indian Division immediately convened a meeting to work out supporting actions so as to go through the difficult times together with its agents. Ruan also wrote to all of its Indian agents to offer his condolence; he said that JACK will do whatever it can to provide ventilators and applicable medicines, and there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. Currently, it has consecutively sent hundreds of oxygen generators and oxy-meters, and a thousand of boxes of pandemic prevention medicines, which will likely provide more protection for its Indian partners.