BUTTERFLY Having Manufactured Its First Batch of Tailored Clothing

From:Date:2021/06/09 15:54:25

On June 1st, as people post in Wechat moment how they celebrate Children's Day, BUTTERFLY's factory has finished its first batch of custom-made clothing and delivered them to clients, meaning that BUTTERFLY DIGITAL TECH (BDT) has realized its goal of "tiny order and quick response with established process" set in the first half of the year. Since its very foundation, BDT's team has always been seeking for fast development in an aggressive spirit. Officially incorporated on March 12, it has soon secured a strategic cooperation relationship with ZHIFU TECH on April 25, and received the latter's order and commenced manufacturing on May 17. BDT is poised to fulfill its targets one after another.

The first batch of clothing it delivered has earned itself a good reputation. As strategic partners, ZHIFU and BDT are committed to cooperating with each other over and over again. Besides the basic business like manufacturing, ZHIFU will also interface its independently devised measurement system with BDT's BCIM platform; these two companies will launch their high-tech product together, and build an intelligent interactive dressing platform, i.e. the magic mirror, a high-definition display. The magic mirror can produce an individual's profile including clothing style, physical dimensions through photographing him/her in front and side view. Then such data will be transferred to BDT factory by means of BCIM platform.