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What Do Foreign Distributors Anticipate the Most (Final Part)

From:Date:2021/11/26 09:17:58

As a dedicated sewing machinery exhibition with the largest influence and the most exhibits around the world, CISMA2021, on the theme of "smart manufacturing, intelligence enabling and wisdom collecting", will all the more concentrate on intelligence enabling of the whole industrial chain, and deliver equipment edge based on new technologies and applications, so as to facilitate the upgrade and transformation of downstream sectors, which is exactly the reason why more and more downstream machinery businesses begin to closely follow CISMA2021. China Sewing Machinery Association (CSMA), the organizer of CISMA, has been working on strengthening the coordination throughout the industrial chain, and keeping in touch with overseas distributors to understand the situation of local markets in the context of Covid-19 pandemic and their demands and expectations for sewing machineries.

Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC

Sri Lanka

As it sold its sewing machines in a trade fair at Colombo in 1877, Singer enters the market of Sri Lanka. Nowadays, Singer (Sri Lanka) has become a conglomerate second to none in Sri Lanka, and has been enlisted in the Top20 most valuable consumer brands in Sri Lanka. Its management and technicians have visited China for many times, and it has kept attending CISMA show over the past years.

Singer (Sri Lanka), a trailblazer in household and industrial sewing machine segments with a market percentage of 80% and 62% respectively, has been providing apparel behemoths in Sri Lanka and the rest of the world with sewing equipments from Zoje, Bullmer, IMB, Butterfly, etc. It owns 425 exhibition spaces, more than 300 authorized distributors, over 60 fashion institutes across the whole country, 14 regional service centers, and a wide-spreading agency network. It applies AI to foretell sales, and improve its inventory and selling; besides, it endeavors to shift from manufacturing of rudimentary equipment to that of technologically more sophisticated ones, such as, fully automated machine, laser cutting and engraving machine, industrial embroidery machine, spreader, intelligent pattern sewing machine.

As the market takes a positive turn after the first two waves of Covid-19 pandemic, Singer's retailing business in 2020 performs better than it did in the previous year. Its sales grow by 15%, and revenue grows by 25%. The growth of retailing business can be attributed to the fact that people intend to buy sewing machine and earn extra money with it. Nevertheless, the global situation hasn't improved significantly; the garment export has encountered a sharp decline of more than 1 billion USD, and factories have seen negative growth.

Sri Lanka remained in normalcy until April, 2021, then the 3rd wave of Covid-19 pandemic hit following the celebration of Sinhala & Tamil New Year. The sewing machine sector is not in good shape due to the fact that Sri Lanka government soon puts in place a lockdown, and sewing machine price rises resulting from a devaluated rupee; low purchasing power also has a worse impact on the sector. However, Singer believes that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Since the pandemic might relapse in the coming years even with the rollout of vaccines, the demands for facial masks, PPEs, protective gowns and similar medical supplies will stay, so demands for sewing machine may grow accordingly. With technological advances, demands for automated machineries will also go up. If the situation permits, and inbound travel restriction is lifted, Singer (Sri Lanka) hopes to attend CISMA show.



Established in 2005 and located at Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, Tran Hieu Co.,Ltd. commits itself to the sale and maintenance of industrial sewing machine and related spare parts, with a powerful marketing and after-service capacity, and a sales network spreading across central and northern Vietnam.

It has always put effort into enhancing its influence in northern Vietnam through organizing a wide range of marketing and promotion activities together with Chinese sewing machinery enterprises, and regularly arranging employees to visit local garment manufacturers and sewing machinery shops and keep in touch with them. Over the past decades, Tran Hieu has managed to develop hundreds of sub-distributors in northern Vietnam, and built long-term cooperation relationships with lots of middle and large-sized apparel manufacturers.

It has built experienced sales and maintenance teams to provide clients with satisfactory services before and after the sale, in which case, the maintenance team can independently solve most of the damages that happens to sewing equipment. Besides, it has hundreds of sewing machines of different kinds and thousands of relevant spare parts available for customers to choose. Running its business with honesty and rendering services with sincerity for many years has earned it a good reputation among local sewing enterprises, which also creates a substantial advantage across the whole country.

Vietnam, a major importer of sewing machineries, has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Large factories suspend their operation one after another. As the caseload concentrates on a few metropolitans, most of factories and stores in the rest of the country open as usual. In the northern part, demands for knitting equipment keep rising.

To satisfy clients' need, Tran Hieu seeks to diversify the products it can offer. Therefore, it holds interests in most of the sewing technologies and products. Taking into account the market situation in northern Vietnam, Tran Hieu pays more attention to knitting technology. It expects to meet more and better sewing enterprises in CISMA.

Tehran Dookht Machine Co.(P.J.S)


T.D.M., founded in 1965 in Iran, sells household and industrial sewing machines of various types, and serves as the exclusive distribution agent for many globally famous brands. Reformed in 1986, it aspires to be the best brand in Iran and has expanded its sales nationwide since then. Google and Instagram turn out to be its major virtual promotion tools.

Demands for industrial sewing machines have gradually improved as the economy reopens. Although many favorable policies are available, the sector still faces grave challenge from soaring freight cost and serious delay. With regard to CISMA, T.D.M. pays particular attention to sewing products automation and deep integration of robotics.

All the foreign distributors interviewed this time are the finalists of "the most influential overseas distributors of CISMA2021". As ace players in local market, they are proficient at building their influences, and have contributed a lot to promoting China's sewing machineries in different markets. Always ardently following the progress of the sewing sector in China, they've also elaborated on the current situation and trends in local markets, expressed their expectations for the exhibits in CISMA, and conveyed their will of and faith in long-term cooperation. CISMA, always at your service.

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