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The Most Infl Overseas Distrs Rec and Sel Postponed to CISMA2023

From:Date:2021/12/22 09:13:56

Considering that China Int'l Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show 2021 (CISMA2021) is postponed to April 27 - 30, 2022 and relocated to Ningbo Int'l Conference and Exhibition Center, the organizer has decided to put off the Most Influential Overseas Distributors Recommendation and Selection - one of the parallel activities of the show, till CISMA2023, so as to achieve a satisfying result and protect the exhibitors and visitors' health and interests.

The above-mentioned selection, an innovative program launched by CISMA2021 organizer in this April, is aimed to secure the rights and interests of the exhibitors and visitors, offset the adverse impact of the pandemic on the show, and promote the gestation of internal and external circulations of the sewing machinery sector. In a two-barreled manner, i.e. experts' on-site scoring and online voting, it intends to select 10 - 20 foreign distributors with the biggest influence, and provide them with intensive promotion and favorable services.

Having completed the following steps, now this activity draws near to its end as scheduled: recommendation and application, integrity and compliance review of the submitted documents, assessment by the expert team and publicity of the 30 finalists, development of online voting platform. Originally, the voting should have finished next January during the show, and the list of winners would have been announced thereafter on the spot.

The exhibitors and transnational distributors have paid close attention to the selection activity and responded positively. Distributors from the under-mentioned countries follow the development and progress of China's sewing machinery sector with great enthusiasm: the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Poland, Russia, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam. Having actively partaken in the selection, they frankly described the current situation and growth trends in local sewing machinery markets respectively when interviewed, and expressed their wishes of and faith in long-term exchanges and cooperation, which is exactly the purpose of this activity, i.e. openness, communication and cooperation. We feel much obliged to exhibitors who made recommendations, distributors from abroad, and friends from pertinent sectors for your understanding and support.

For the health, rights and interests of foreign distributors, exhibitors and relevant parties, the list of selected overseas distributors and corresponding favorable treatment will be immune to the postponement.

In case of any unspecified issue, the interpretation of CSMA Market Council, the organizer of this selection activity shall prevail.