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CISMA2021 Booth Confirmation Initiated

From:Date:2022/01/14 14:42:40

As the Spring Festival draws near, companies are busy in wrapping up their remaining activities of this year. In the meantime, CISMA2021 enters into the key stage of booth confirmation.

There are eight halls available in total at Ningbo Int'l Conference and Exhibition Center. Hall 1 to 5 and hall 7 are slated to showcase sewing and comprehensive equipment, hall 6 embroidery machine, and hall 8 motor and electro-controlled system, and spare parts. This venue is equipped with three check-in counters, i.e. the southern entrance close to hall 1 and 2, the northern entrance opposite to hall 4, and the western entrance flanked by hall 7 and 8, which makes it very convenient to visit.

The layout of booth is basically consistent with that in SNIEC, except some minor changes made based on exhibitors' new booth applications and the physical features of the halls. Booth confirmation starts from this week on; it's estimated that half of the exhibitors will confirm their newly arranged booths before the Spring Festival, and what's left will be done as soon as the holiday is over.

Relevant services for exhibitors will be available as the confirmation begins. In case of any question, please feel free to contact CSMA exhibition center. Tel.: 010-65242231, service QQ: 800111540.