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China's Sewing Sector Sustains a Rapid Growth of Patent in 2021

From:Date:2022/01/28 14:19:32

According to the statistics released by China National Intellectual Property Administration, sewing machinery sector has in total applied for 8,775 pieces of patents of all kinds in 2021 (till the announcement date, the same below), growing 19.3% compared with a year earlier; to be specific, 2,219 pieces of invention patents, accounting for 25.29%; 5,523 pieces of new practical patents, accounting for 62.94%; 1,033 pieces of appearance design patents (including textile equipment), accounting for 11.77%. 804 pieces of invention patents have been newly licensed.

Data prove that the overall scientific research and innovation capacities in the sewing machinery sector have been improving at a fascinating pace, and the quantity and quality of invention patents have grown steadily, showing that the sector has seized the opportunities created by a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, built robust strength of independent research and development, and laid a solid foundation for constructing a sector proficient at innovation.