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Show You around CISMA2021 Exhibition Halls

From:Date:2022/02/21 09:11:26

CISMA2021 will be held from April 27 to 30, 2022 at Ningbo. At present, most of the booths have been confirmed, and the supporting works are being carried out in a well organized manner.

For the purpose of serving the exhibitors better, creating more convenience for attendance, and enabling them to know more about the venue - Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center, here we present you the plan graph and video of the eight halls.

As planned, the show will occupy eight halls. To put it specifically, hall 1 to 5 and hall 7 will showcase sewing and comprehensive equipment, hall 6 embroidery machine, and hall 8 motor, electro-controlled systems and spare parts.

What's more, CISMA2021 will set up three registration entrances, i.e. the south entrance near hall 1 and 2, the north entrance opposite to hall 4, and the west entrance flanked by hall 7 and 8. Such setting will hopefully create a more comfortable experience for visitors.

As the situation develops, all the related services for exhibitors will be provided accordingly. In case of any question, please feel free to contact the exhibition center of CSMA:

Landline: 86-10-65242231

QQ: 800111540

E-mail: intl@csma.org.cn