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CSMA Labor Union Finishing Its Election

From:Date:2021/06/28 10:09:37

On June 18, the labor union of China Sewing Machinery Association has completed its election with all its members present. During the election, Deng Lan'ning, the 4th term Chair of CSMA labor union, delivers the work report of the 4th labor council, then Chen Ji, General Secretary of CSMA, reads China National Light Industry Council's approval for the election.

In secret ballot, Xu Dong, Liu Min and Gu Baoqi have been elected respectively as Chair, and councilors of the 5th term labor union.

Yang Xiaojing, Deputy Director-general of CSMA, has spoken highly of the 4th term labor union for the contributions they made in the past three years. And he expects that the incoming labor union can fulfill their duties meticulously with their predecessors as role model, and endeavor to safeguard the Association and its members' wellbeing.