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The Int’l Coop. and Devt. Forum 2022 Held during CISMA

From:Date:2022/08/03 10:27:04

In the afternoon of July 30, the very high time of CISMA2021, elites of the sewing machinery sector from over the world gather at Ningbo to attend the international cooperation and development forum 2022, an occasion to explore new growth potentials, put in place a new landscape, and side by side draw up a novel blueprint for the sector’s future.

The said forum is initiated by China Sewing Machinery Association (CSMA), the organizer of CISMA2021, and undertaken by Business & Trade Committee of CSMA. Revolving around “probe into new demands & usher in a new landscape”, respectable guests from Japan Sewing Machinery Manufacturers Association (JASMA), Sewn Products Equipment & Suppliers of the Americas (SPESA), International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF), and China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association have attended the forum and delivered keynote speeches. The forum, presided over by Shao Lishi, Managing deputy director-general and secretary-general of Guangdong Commerce Chamber of Sewing Equipment, attracts in total 5 scores of attendees including but not limited to representatives of CSMA director-level members, deputy director-level members of CSMA Business & Trade Committee, heads of local industrial associations and commerce chambers, representatives of backbone enterprises, exhibitor representatives and media friends.

Director-general Yang Xiaojing, on behalf of CSMA, has extended a warm welcome to all the friends present at the show and guests joining through video link. He notes that CISMA international cooperation and development forum has been held three times without interruption, which is aimed at delivering the common vision of sharing resources, complementing each other and win-win, strengthening exchanges and cooperation, and eventually establishing a more open, integrated and sustainable growth mechanism.

Director-general Yang has detailed the context of the forum and its meaning from the following four aspects: national strategic choice, domestic demands system construction, kindling innovation-driven growth, and higher-level openness.

Firstly, it’s China’s strategic choice on its own initiative to introduce a novel development landscape. By doing so, China’s sewing machinery sector can release its inherent growth potential to the greatest extent, withstand the uncertainties inflicted by external factors, and develop international cooperation opportunities.

Secondly, a complete domestic demand system serves as the bedrock upon which the new development landscape is built. A full-fledging domestic sale system drives the sewing machinery sector to improve its industrial chain and supply chain with meeting domestic needs as its starting point, and delivers a higher-level dynamic balance where new demands require new supply, and in turn, new supply leads to new demands.

Thirdly, innovation provides inexhaustible stimulus for building a new development landscape. It’s becoming the key task of the era to make full use of innovation drive and activate the innovation engine. In future, being digital and intelligent will be the significant development path for the sewing machinery sector.

Fourthly, to build a new growth landscape entails a higher-level openness. Concentrating on domestic circulation never means self-isolation or revoking openness. Quite on the contrary, it necessitates openness in a larger scale, wider scope and deeper level, so as to promote international collaboration, and create a mutually beneficial environment.

Director-general Yang also stresses that openness broods opportunities and cooperation is the antidote to difficulties. In future, China Sewing Machinery Association will sustain its market-oriented convictions, and reinforce the exchanges and coordination between sectors and enterprises around the globe by making use of resources worldwide, consolidating the industrial chain, capitalizing on the capital market, and developing transnational sector cooperation; it will keep seeking to optimize export product portfolio, and improve cross-border service system focusing on management, operation, talents, brand internationalization and the like, so as to create synergy for building a global growth community. China Sewing Machinery Association will readily commit itself to fruitful cooperation with international counterparts, professional institutions and enterprises with regard to shared industrial development needs, is willing to go through the trying times hand in hand, extract new demands and build a new landscape.

At the conference, Wu Jiling, Deputy director-general of CSMA has delivered a speech on the economic situations of China’s sewing machinery sector in the first half of 2022 and its prospects in the second half; Li Guimei, Director-general of China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association has briefed the current situations and development trend of China’s industrial textiles sector; Qiu Yangyou, Rotating CEO of Jack Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. has delivered a speech on innovation-driven high-quality development.

Via video link, Takashi Yuhara, Managing director of Japan Sewing Machinery Manufacturers Association, and Michael McDonald, Sewn Products Equipment & Suppliers of the Americas have respectively talked about the market situations and outlooks in their own country; Christian Schindler, Director-general of International Textile Manufacturers Federation has shared his analysis of and expectations for global textile machinery market; and Nguyen Hoang Nam, Director of C.S.P Co., Ltd. has explained the development of Vietnam apparel factories and their demands for equipment on behalf of overseas distributors.

Prize awarding ceremony of the most influential overseas distributors

The forum includes a sideline activity, the prize awarding ceremony of the most influential overseas distributors. It’s an innovative program conceived and launched recently by CISMA2021 organization committee for the purpose of guaranteeing the interests and rights of exhibitors and visitors, alleviating the adverse impacts inflicted on the show by the pandemic, and consolidating the dual-circulation of the sewing machinery sector. It’s widely welcomed by a good many enterprises and foreign distributors from more than 20 countries like the United States, India, Mexico, and Russia, who have registered for the selection enthusiastically. Through application or recommendation, 30 finalists have been selected after rounds of appraisal, and information publicity.

Reaching a consensus and collecting wisdoms, the forum has made available a communication channel for transnational cooperation, and will tap into new opportunities for global sewing machinery sector to renovate the existing environment.