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He Ye Attending SSMTA 8th Session 1st Round Members Conference

From:Date:2021/06/30 09:30:23

On June 28, Shanghai Sewing Machinery Trade Association (SSMTA) has convened its 8th session 1st round conference of membership and the board of directors (supervisors). He Ye, Deputy Chair of China National Light Industry Council and Director-general of China Sewing Machinery Association, was invited  to attend the conference and deliver a speech. The said conference was hosted by Wu Jian'min, General-secretary of the 7th board of directors, with more than 70 attendees including Zhao Guangjun, Chief of Comprehensive Planning Section, Shanghai Economy and Information Council, Jiang Qi, Deputy Chief of Associations Regulation Section, Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, Zhang Min, Emeritus Chair of SSMTA, President and CEO of SGG, and others from SSMTA directorship and membership entities.

The conference has passed the work report of the 7th term of board of directors (supervisors), work report on election preparation, work report on revenues and expenses auditing, elaboration on revising SSMTA regulations, membership fare criteria and management guidelines. The 8th term of board of directors (supervisors) is elected through ballot; in particular, Li Xiaofeng from Shanghai PFAFF as the Director-general, Gu Xinhong from Shanghai Powermax, Shi Lei from Shanghai Typical Highlead, Wu Liangjie from Shanghai Hikari, Lv Liyi from Shanghai Weishi, Chen Manxiong from Shanghai Chee Siang, and Makoto Yajima from Shanghai Juki as Deputy Director-general, Ge Jinlin from Shanghai Yahao as Chief Supervisor, Wu Jianmin as General Secretary of the Secretariat.

He Ye offered her fervent congratulations to the incoming leadership of SSMTA, and its successful convening of the 8th session 1st round conference. She noted that Shanghai is the cradle of the sewing machinery sector in China, the founder and  pioneer of sector development. For many years, SSMTA has noticeably boosted the burgeoning growth of Shanghai sewing businesses playing its role in guidance, organization, coordination, and service.

He Ye also stressed that against the backdrop of pandemic control becoming the new norm the sewing sector has maintained a strong growth trend since the very beginning of this year, and expanded into new development space, consolidating the practitioners' faith. Though still faced with complicated and grave situation ahead, the whole sector shall break down the barriers in a more determined and courageous manner. She also expressed her expectations for the new board of directors as below:

First, strive for innovation-driven growth. To provide better guidance with innovation in technology, management and mechanism as the strategic basis, to ignite enterprises' vitality of development, strengthen their international competitiveness, speed up industrial transformation and upgrade, bolster industrial strength, and set an example of high-quality development for the whole industry;

Second, render better services. Closely follow the demands of the sector and take the lead in analyzing common issues encountered by the sector revolving around the members' needs. To not only satisfy such needs quickly, but also provide supporting services for enterprises in fields including technological research and development, quality standard, market expansion, brand promotion and cooperation;

Third, emphasize self-construction. Stick to the original vision of benefiting the membership and facilitating sectoral growth, bear in mind the task of serving the sector, enterprises and the society. Improve the service platform, diversify the service options, complete the service mechanism, and accelerate industrial development. Place an emphasis on establishing a talent team, fostering a talent reserve, building a cohesive and professional association trusted by the industry and recognized by the enterprises.

Last but not least, He Ye wishes that under the new leadership SSMTA can adhere to its original aspiration, bear in mind its tasks, seize the opportunities to make aggressive progresses supported by all of its members and the whole sector; she wishes that it can make greater contributions to sewing machinery enterprises in Shanghai and even across the whole country, and endeavor to usher in a new chapter of high-quality development of the sewing sector.