SHANGGONG Included Into "Shanghai's 100 Popular Brands in 100 Years"

From:Date:2021/07/19 11:39:35

Shanghai, the birthplace of China's modern industry, and the cradle of sewing machinery sector. To recollect people's memory of Shanghai industrial brands, burnish the municipal hallmark of "Made in Shanghai", and eventually sustain its glorious achievements made in the past century, Shanghai Federation of Industrial Economics (SFIE), together with Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations (SFEO) has announced the list of "Shanghai's 100 Popular Brands in 100 Years" on July 10th at Shanghai International Fashion Center.

Shanggong, affiliated to SGG, has been included into the above list together with many other well-known brands, which are selected from 670 Shanghai brands with high quality, production capacity and popularity in various sectors.

In 1965, China mobilized lots of resources to consolidate the industries, during which Shanghai Industrial Sewing Machine Factory was established and put into operation to produce industrial sewing machines with Shang'gong as its brand name. Always picking up the right path, and being innovative, SG has been exploring the sewing sector, bearing in mind its original intentions, and has been in the lead across the sector. It holds such a belief that product is the lifeline for enterprises, and places a great emphasis on research and development, introduction of technologies, process and quality management.

Besides Shang'gong, SGG also owns native brands like Butterfly, Flyingman, Bee, in particular, the foundation of Butterfly can date back to 102 years ago. Shortly, Butterfly will launch its industrial Internet platform, which can meet users' personal needs and improve user experiences through automated equipment and the network. Falling off its summit, now household sewing machine starts to regain popularity at home and abroad through innovation and transformation.

Manufacturing sector is the principal part of real economy, significantly supporting the capacity and core competitiveness of a city. Faced with the historical opportunities of transformation and upgrade presented by the new era, SGG, concentrating on the digitalization of sewing machinery, shall actively promote the commercial application of industrial Internet related to the sewing sector, and fulfill the industrial revolution of new manufacture characterized by being digital and intelligent, and enabled by the network. Moreover, it will endeavor to make "SG Manufacture" a household name.