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Devising Intelligent Growth and Demonstrating Sewing Strength

From:Date:2021/10/14 09:05:32

On July 23, China Sewing Machinery Association (CSMA) has held a press release in Beijing, attended by Deputy Director-general Yang Xiaojing, General Secretary Chen Ji, Deputy General-secretary Liu Min, and presided over by Liu Min, which has been simultaneously aired through the Internet.

Those present at the physical press release also include industrial chain media like China Industry News, Consumption Daily, China Textile News, Textile Apparel Weekly, China Fashion Weekly, China Fashion, FunTex Media, down-stream industrial associations like China National Garment Association, China Home Textile Association, China Non-woven and Industrial Textiles Association, China Leather Industry Association, China National Furniture Association, China Feather and Down Industrial Association, and media from sewing sector like Saier, China Sewing Machinery, World Sewing Machinery, Haotuishou, Textile and Garment Market News, Sewing World, 20 in total.

Yang Xiaojing answered related questions from the journalists after delivering a briefing on CISMA2021. He said that through concerted efforts by the whole industry it has successfully fulfilled the 13th five-year plan, and kept pace with global powers. Marching onto such a new basis, and a key milestone of the 14th five-year plan, CISMA2021, a platform to showcase industrial progresses, research and innovation fruits to global sewing industrial chain, will furthermore lead all the sewing enterprises, concentrate on coordinated growth of the whole industrial chain, so as to follow the development trend across the industry, meet the needs of down-stream users, and finally secure a win-win.

Deputy Director-general Yang also emphasized that with the theme of "smart manufacturing, intelligence enabling and wisdom gathering" CISMA2021 seeks to ameliorate equipment capacity with technologies, further the change of down-stream industries and related dynamics transition, and stimulate digital and intelligent upgrade; moreover, it endeavors to enhance sewing sector's competitiveness so as to secure an upper hand in global arena and make more contributions to China's manufacturing power strategy. Hopefully, the success of CISMA2021 will facilitate the holistic change of sewing industrial chain driven by that of sewing sector, thus ushering in a new chapter of high-quality development in the coming five years.

Focusing on issues highly anticipated by the media, such as, new equipment and technological applications to be displayed during the show, and how to turn scientific achievements into solutions dealing with garment enterprises' unsatisfied demands, Chen Ji described the changes and tendency of sewing machinery sector from the perspectives of macro development and micro product tech; taking into consideration the unsatisfied demands of down-stream users including cost reduction and efficiency improvement, QA, meeting clients' individualized need, facilitating digital transformation, he also noted that CISMA2021 would exhibit a wide range of intelligent achievements and technical solutions, which could assist with down-stream users in solving problems related to the above-mentioned demands, and render a win-win across the whole industrial chain.

At last, Liu Min summarized CSMA's efforts in balancing the pandemic control requirements with exhibition preparations, illustrated to the media the current situation of all the preliminary works since the very beginning of CISMA2021, and explained the modifications in response to pandemic prevention regulations.