ZOJE's Marketing Gains Momentum

From:Date:2021/08/18 13:54:06

The year of 2021 is a "glorious year" for ZOJE to practice its new development ideas. Focusing on its annual goals established early this year, ZOJE has been actively exploring the market and carrying out reforms. As a result, its marketing has gained strong momentum, and its sales perform satisfactorily, which lays a solid foundation for doubling its yearly sales target.

On August 13, ZOJE Marketing Center convened its yearly sales meeting for the first time since it pushed forward major reforms in July. Executives, including Zheng Xueguo, Deputy General Manager of ZOJE and GM of Marketing Center, Zhu Miaohai, Deputy GM of Marketing Center and Secretary to ZOJE President, Pan Jianhua and Chen Jiansong, Deputy GMs of Marketing Center, have attended the meeting together with directors of each region, and heads of each functional departments in sales division.

At this meeting, all the regions, following a set of new marketing beliefs, measures and guidelines, have defined their monthly sales tasks in detail taking into consideration the marketing targets, reviewed their performance in July, combed through and analyzed the competition situations, and devised their sales plans for August. Under such a circumstance, each region is subject to fierce contest, and every employee shall deal with demanding tasks, creating an intense atmosphere for competition.

Zheng Xueguo fully recognized the staff's awareness of the big picture, endeavors to outcompete each other, and their sense of responsibility in the context of marketing reform. He assigned the following sales tasks, and encouraged the staff to make further achievements and strive to double its annual sales, so as to facilitate the fulfillment of strategic targets set in its 14th five-year plan.