JACK Executives Paying a Visit to CNLIC

From:Date:2021/09/08 09:08:26

On Sept 1st, Ruan Jixiang, President of JACK accompanied by 4 other executives has paid a visit to China National Light Industry Council (CNLIC), so as to report its current business situation to CNLIC directors and related departments, and make inquiries about pertinent policies. He Ye, Deputy President of CNLIC, has greeted them.

Ruan Jixiang detailed JACK's situation in the first half of this year and its development plan in the near future, and in particular, explained its new business model, which relies on scientific research, brand strategy, international market arrangements, shared factory, and StarLink factory.

Speaking highly of JACK's achievements, Deputy President He Ye has recognized that as a leading company JACK has set an example with its innovation drive, enterprise, and noticeable attainments, and has made significant contribution to China's pursuit of becoming a sewing power. Currently, the pandemic has inflicted uncertainties on our country and even the whole world. He Ye hopes that JACK, taking into account the big picture, should continue to improve its planning, bolster its efforts in exploring medium and high-end markets around the globe, formulating international standards and rules, and consolidating favorable resources globally, so as to gain a dominant and leading position in the globalization of the sewing sector.

Yu Xuejun, Deputy General Secretary of CNLIC and Director of General Business, Yang Xiaojing, Lin Jianlong, and Wu Jiling, Deputy Director-General of CSMA, Chen Ji, General Secretary of CSMA, together with directors of related businesses from CNLIC and CSMA have also attended the meeting, and exchanged their ideas with JACK executives regarding industrial policies, implementation plan, etc.