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The Influence of Power Rationing on the Sewing Sector

From:Date:2021/10/14 09:02:21

In August, National Development and Reform Commission issued warnings to 9 provinces in terms of their energy consumption aggregate and intensity by singling out Qinghai, Ningxia, Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Shaanxi and Jiangsu. At present, power cut and production control become the top priorities faced with such a grave situation of energy consumption aggregate and intensity.

This round of power cut has had an impact on the normal production schedules of enterprises in the sewing machinery sector. According to news from industrial clusters of sewing machinery spare parts in Wanping, Jiangsu, local government has already made clear and gradually rolled out the power cut criteria specific to enterprises classifications.

Guangdong Sewing Equipment Chamber of Commerce said that Guangdong basically implements a power cut measure of "five-day on, two-day off", which has a negligible influence on companies' operation considering it is the slack season for the sewing sector now. However, as some areas begin to tighten their rules, things might become worse if their proposals of "four-day on, three-day off" or even "two-day on, five-day off" are materialized.

In other cases, sewing enterprises in Fujian have felt little impacts by the power cut, and it has yet to deal a substantial blow to Xi'an TYPICAL.

In response to the "strictest round of power cut", on the one hand, it is advisable for enterprises in the sewing sector to coordinate with the government actively, immediately adjust their power consumption plans and submit related breakdowns, to ensure normal operations; on the other hand, they can take the initiative in making use of mechanical power generation, solar power, etc. to replenish their power supply and offset the power cut impact to the most extent.

In the meantime, it is worthwhile to note that this round of power cut will affect many down-stream industrial bases in apparel, footwear and hat, suitcase and bag, home textile, weaving, dyeing, having an immediate influence on their production capacity and normal operation. We suggest that enterprises in this sector should pay close attention to the changes of down-stream industries and users' demands, and put in place risk control measures.

CSMA will follow up the impact exerted by the strictest round of power cut.