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What Do Foreign Distributors Anticipate the Most in CISMA2021?

From:Date:2021/11/15 16:29:33

As a dedicated sewing machinery exhibition with the largest influence and the most exhibits around the world, CISMA2021, on the theme of "smart manufacturing, intelligence enabling and wisdom collecting", will all the more concentrate on intelligence enabling of the whole industrial chain, and deliver equipment edge based on new technologies and applications, so as to facilitate the upgrade and transformation of downstream sectors, which is exactly the reason why more and more downstream machinery businesses begin to closely follow CISMA2021. China Sewing Machinery Association (CSMA), the organizer of CISMA, has been working on strengthening the coordination throughout the industrial chain, and keeping in touch with overseas distributors to understand the situation of local markets in the context of Covid-19 pandemic and their demands and expectations for sewing machineries.

Feiyue de Mexico S.A. de C.V.


Feiyue de Mexico S.A. de C.V., established in 1996, is one of the first enterprises promoting China's sewing machineries in markets abroad; it has built a sales and services network spanning 90% of the apparel manufacture areas in Mexico, developed more than 160 distributors and agents, and over 500 end-users including apparel factories, either large or small, footwear factories, suitcase, bag and furniture manufacturers, automobile seat and upholstery factories.

In active response to the ever-changing high-tech globally, it has realized the transition from product-oriented operation to market-oriented one, then from brick-and-mortar sales to online marketing. At present, it has expanded its sales across Mexico, with a dual mode of virtual and physical stores. Moreover, it has signed up for the most influential e-commerce platform in the Americas, Mercado Libre, and opened a YouTube channel, for the purpose of uploading the latest product profiles, which has substantially improved users' trust in and satisfaction with China's sewing machineries.

The once-in-a-century Covid-19 pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to each and every walk of life, and the sewing sector is no exception, in which lots of enterprises have closed or suspended operation. Due to the stay-at-home regulation by the government, most of the businesses were running with less than 50% capacity. The increasingly expensive raw materials and soaring freight costs have posed a grave threat to the manufacture sector, and forced many sewing machinery businesses to meditate on shifting operation mode, including equipment upgrade and renovation. 5 years ago, merely 15% of small and medium-sized sewing machinery enterprises in Mexico adopted electromechanical sewing machine, while in 2021, 85% of them did so, and more businesses intend to invest in electromechanical intelligent sewing equipment that is energy-saving and highly automated.

It hopes that CISMA, fully making use of its strength and influence, can hold international distributors summit or seminar regularly or otherwise, so as to better understand their demands and advices for the sewing industry, and share their stories of success. In particular, it creates an opportunity to raise common problems in this sector requiring immediate solutions through collecting the feedback of clients in different markets on marketing method, product quality, technical performance and solutions, equipment O&M, etc., which is conducive to assist China's sewing sector with enhancing its overall manufacture capacity.



Founded in 2015, GAS SMARTGROUPLLC is an Uzbekistani company dedicated to the import and sale of industrial sewing machine of all kinds. With a coherent team, it pays close attention to customers' demand, renders considerate services, earns a reputation of quality sewing and textile machinery supplier consolidated by diverse products and nationwide stores, which grants it a dominant position in local market.

Head of GAS SMARTGROUPLLC notes that due to the pandemic the year of 2020 is a tough one for each and every industry, including sewing sector. Faced with protracted quarantine, the government has lent its support to offset the adverse impact on manufacturing, especially sewing machinery. In the second half of 2020, sales recovered and even surpassed expectation. Into 2021, it has launched a new program, and the sales will hopefully outdo that in 2019.

"It's a pity that we cannot attend CISMA2021 in person, but we will join the virtual event, expecting to see more innovations in sewing technologies, cutting and ironing equipment, find new partners and purchase equipment meeting clients' demand."

Modern Ironing Technology Ltd.


MODERN, incorporated in 2016, specializes in selling sewing machines and its parts in Russia. Though engaged in this field shortly, it boasts a team of seasoned staff. Enabled by technological advantages, it tries to devise the most advanced technical solutions for clients' production facilities. With a wide-spread sales network, it sells imported products in every major city. Besides selling and repairing machineries, it also commits itself to developing automated production program.

Covid-19 pandemic has had a major effect on Russian market with lingering repercussions. MODERN hopes that its clients will return to diversified production rather than medical supplies exclusively.

Having attended CISMA for many times in a row, MODERN truly favors this fair, and finds new products, partners and friends every time. The thing that draws MODERN the most is that CISMA always presents the latest technology. If the situation permits, it intends to visit the show in January, 2022.

Nasr Dookht Machine Company


Nasr, established in Tehran in 2003, has accumulated abundant experience in Iran market, which is its core competitiveness. Since its foundation, Nasr has encountered countless difficulties and challenges, all of which are overcome through sensible decisions and solutions. Enabled by its experienced team and management, Nasr has earned the trust of its clients and sub-distributors with its reputation and popularity. Life is nothing without textile and apparel sector, and it will go on with or without the pandemic. Nevertheless, in these trying times, we also pay intensive attention to mask manufacturing, and have purchased relevant equipment in response to market demand.

Nasr has always been following CISMA, and looking back, you can readily found its presence. Textile businesses cannot find any better choice than CISMA; it collects and showcases all the latest technologies, which will be spread all over the world by distributors. Nasr hopes that the exhibition can be extended one more day, so that visitors can spend more time on each stand.

All the foreign distributors interviewed this time are the finalists of "the most influential overseas distributors of CISMA2021". As ace players in local market, they are proficient at building their influences, and have contributed a lot to promoting China's sewing machineries in different markets. Always ardently following the progress of the sewing sector in China, they've also elaborated on the current situation and trends in local markets, expressed their expectations for the exhibits in CISMA, and conveyed their will of and faith in long-term cooperation. CISMA, always at your service.

To be continued.