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What Do Foreign Distributors Anticipate the Most (Part II)

From:Date:2021/11/15 16:29:47

As a dedicated sewing machinery exhibition with the largest influence and the most exhibits around the world, CISMA2021, on the theme of "smart manufacturing, intelligence enabling and wisdom collecting", will all the more concentrate on intelligence enabling of the whole industrial chain, and deliver equipment edge based on new technologies and applications, so as to facilitate the upgrade and transformation of downstream sectors, which is exactly the reason why more and more downstream machinery businesses begin to closely follow CISMA2021. China Sewing Machinery Association (CSMA), the organizer of CISMA, has been working on strengthening the coordination throughout the industrial chain, and keeping in touch with overseas distributors to understand the situation of local markets in the context of Covid-19 pandemic and their demands and expectations for sewing machineries.

Saistar Impex


Saistar is a well-known importer of sewing machineries including computerized embroidery machine, digital printing machine, thermal transfer machine and sublimation ink. Its services extend well beyond selling, with on-time delivery, low cost, high quality, 7*24 customer services, and an abundant talent pool, which have earned it popularities among a wide range of enterprises. It always seeks to provide customers with the latest technologies, the best services, and marketing network planning, all of which are the secrets to expanding its influence. Members of Saistar also run sewing machineries businesses themselves.

The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered the worst contraction since World War II, and dealt a heavy blow to each and every sector from finance to hospitality; industrial development has been slowed down, and the income decline has also obstructed normal life.

Saistar believes that the future of sewing machinery sector relies on digitalization, technology, infrastructure, training and exchange of ideas. And it cares textile machinery and relevant technologies the most regarding CISMA.



Sokkar, active in Egypt, is one of the former three major import agents of sewing machines in the country. As the fast-growing population creates demands, the apparel industry in Egypt has expanded in the past years with continuous quality improvements. Always at the forefront, Sokkar renders new technologies, sustained support and services, enabling customer to develop with confidence; it holds training for manufacturers on spare parts, making it easier for them to make full use of sewing machineries; it also approaches customers through social network, academic institute, and seminars. Nowadays, Sokkar Mecca has become one of the most trustworthy sewing machinery distributors in Egypt, and gained international reputations.

Against the backdrop of pandemic, export orders have tanked as demands fell into a tailspin. However, the losses of sewing machinery export has been reversed as the economy recovers and demands for reusable cloth mask soar. Life returns to normal when Egyptian economy fully reopens. Besides creating countless job opportunities, social stability in Egypt has also given it many advantages including significant attraction to foreign capitals. For instance, Amazon has invested 1 billion Egyptian pounds to build the largest storage facility in this region, which will hopefully stimulate its sustained economic recovery.

Sokkar intends to attend CISMA2021 virtually, and expects to see the manufacturing prospects of automated sewing machinery, especially the latest technological breakthrough. Apparel sector has developed at a fast pace over the past years, Sokkar hopes to make further contribution to it together with technology providers.



Having been established for 15 years, WELTTEC keeps building its influence, developing cooperation with excellent Chinese manufacturers, and introducing new technologies to Brazil at reasonable costs. In Brazil, clients place much emphasis on reliability and security when investing in technologies. For many years, WELTTEC has concentrated on developing distributor networks, and provided considerable input into distributor training, which creates the sense of security for clients. Over the past 15 years, it has built a robust marketing web with more than 900 distributors, made available its products to end-users across the country and earned their trust through uniform storefront decoration and vehicle design.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected businesses in many aspects. International operations have also been hindered due to increasingly expensive raw materials and supply shortage. Therefore, Brazil start to focus on local markets over time, and local practitioners of textile sector realize that they need to deliver higher production capacity at lower costs. Opening their minds, they intend to invest in high-tech sewing machines, so as to save labors, and realize "a high output at a low input". Denim, a major source of economic growth in Brazil, and it usually imports huge amount of denim from countries like Bangladesh and Turkey. Although transnational freight cost increases month after month, the denim sector in Brazil has attracted more and more investment, and improved its capacity consistently. Having satisfied domestic demands, it also exports a lot, and engages in global competition.

Considering that the sector introduces and generates more and more data, WELTTEC hopes that software solutions for the textile sector will be on display in CISMA, and suggests that CISMA pay attention to solutions capable of data visualization, and drawing information from data.



YUKI, established in 1982, sets up its headquarters in Istanbul and branches in Bursa and Izmir. It is active in sewing machine and other businesses, and has a good reputation in Turkey supported by its professional teams dedicated to end-user, marketing, spare parts and after-sale services. It provides the best solutions for clients and promotes new products and technologies via social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Local companies are hard hit by the pandemic currently. At the very beginning, stores are closed, nobody goes shopping, and clients start to produce facial masks, protective gowns, and gloves. Given that few people buy jeans, jackets and suits, some clients choose to manufacture pajama, sportswear, underwear and other home textile. As the lockdown is gradually lifted, the textile sector returns to normal. Hopefully, everything will take a turn for the better as inoculation rate grows.

CISMA, an excellent opportunity to know sewing machine manufacturers, and a wonderful event to explore the latest products and technologies. YUKI expects CISMA to introduce the history of sewing machine sector and Chinese culture to foreign visitors. To present textile sector with the best solutions, YUKI wishes to find the latest automated equipment and electrical machineries with added features in CISMA.

All the foreign distributors interviewed this time are the finalists of "the most influential overseas distributors of CISMA2021". As ace players in local market, they are proficient at building their influences, and have contributed a lot to promoting China's sewing machineries in different markets. Always ardently following the progress of the sewing sector in China, they've also elaborated on the current situation and trends in local markets, expressed their expectations for the exhibits in CISMA, and conveyed their will of and faith in long-term cooperation. CISMA, always at your service.

To be continued.