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CISMA2015 presents new industry layout

From:Date:2015/04/16 13:21:41

It is the last phase of application for CISMA2015, and we could see a prototype of the coming exhibition.

World-famous brands like Durkopp , Pfaff, Brother, Juki, Pegasus, Yamoto, Bernina, Tajima , Barudan, Gerber , Lectra , Macpi, Sunstar, Goldenwheel, Siruba, Hirose, Groz , Typical ,Feiyue , SGSB, Zoje , Jack , Gemsy, Founder , Highlead , Dahao, Maqi, Hikari , Shunfa, Precious, Protex , Weishi , Yin ,Sheen , Richpeace, Supreme , Desheng ,Flying Tiger will show their latest product and technology. And pavilions are still an important part of CISMA2015, organizations from Taiwan, Hongkong, Germany, Korea, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shenzhen, Changli, Dongyang,etc., have submitted the clear intention to organize exhibitor pavilions.

Until the day we issue this news, more than 1000 enterprises have applied booth. The total number has not increased a lot compared with last edition. But we get a brand-new industry layout. Sewing machine will be shown in the west 5 halls. In W4 hall , there will be a special area for “theme zone: intelligent sewing solutions”. The total area of W hall is the same, while the content of product changes a lot. On one hand, to meet the need for intelligent equipment from clients, the show of” total solution “will be strengthened; on the other hand, to meet the personalization, small batch demand from customer, all kinds of sewing machine with special function increased a lot and the trend of product diversification, specialization, intensification is more obvious.

Pre-sewing and after-sewing equipment will be displayed in E1&E2 halls. As these two parts developed rapidly in recent years, the organizer make adjustment this year . E1 hall will be full of pre-sewing equipment such as CAD/CAM, cutting bed, laser equipment, and fabric finishing equipment; while after-sewing equipment will be shown in E2, like ironing & finishing & hanging & distribution equipment.

E3 hall will be a spotlight of CISMA2015, a world of embroidery machine! Embroidery machine is a distinctive part of our industry and applied in fabric processing & cloth making widely. In general, they are larger than ordinary sewing machine, and the exhibitors make special design and arrangement in booth. China had become a base of embroidery machine and many Chinese exhibitors will gather here. Hope everyone enjoy in E3!

Sewing spare parts will be shown in E4 & E5. China has the world's most perfect sewing machinery parts and components supporting system. The manufacturers and distributors of spare parts organize a large team. In recent years, with the diversification of sewing machinery, spare parts diversify a lot. Along with the acceleration of internationalization, the exhibition demand of spare parts enterprises become more intense. E4 and E5 halls will systematically display the general situation of spare parts of the industry.

A brand-new CISMA is waiting for you, join us, any time!