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Invitation to Sign Up the CISMA Online Exhibition

From:Date:2020/07/23 13:33:56

With the largest scale and influence, and the most complete industry chain in the globe, China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show (CISMA), held by China Sewing Machine Association (CSMA), is an exhibition that repeatedly attracts thousands of exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors. It has grown into an optimal platform for the match between supply and demand, product display and tech exchange, and will continue to play the role of wind vane leading the development of sewing machinery.

Hundreds of thousands of product information provided by exhibitors in recent years will be available on www.cisma.com.cn, the only official website of CISMA, which will serve as an online exhibition that never expires.

In order to provide better services for exhibitors when physical exhibition is not available, the organizer intends to make available platforms like Online Exhibition and Brands Show to the exhibitors for free but with a time limit. It's already started, and please sign up right now when you still have the chance!

Note: any enterprise that plans to register in the above mentioned website has to be the exhibitor of China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show (CISMA), which can have access to platforms including Online Exhibition and Brands Show for free within a limited period. Such enterprise should use the same user name and password to sign up as those used in exhibition application. If forgotten, the user name and password can be found via the following contact: 800111540 (QQ account) or cisma@cisma.com.cn (E-mail). Once signed up, the exhibitor shall bear all the responsibilities for the uploaded information. The organizer shall be entitled to remove any content engaged in property right dispute or breaching related regulations like the Advertising Law.