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Decline of Above-scale Enterprises' Profits Slowing Down from Jan to Jul

From:Date:2020/09/01 13:23:36

Data released by National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on its website show that from January to July industrial enterprises above the designated scale have earned revenues of 55.06 trillion RMBs falling by 3.9% compared with last year, and made a profit of 3.10 trillion RMBs, 8.1% lower than previous year. But the decline has already slowed down by 4.7%. In July alone, such enterprises have made a profit of 589.51 billion RMBs, 19.6% higher than last year and 8.1% higher than last month.

Particularly, 12 of all the 41 industrial fields have seen their profits growing while the remaining 29 falling. To be specific, the profits in the sector of computer, communication and other electronic equipment manufacturing grow by 28.7% on year-on-year basis; special equipment manufacturing, 24.1%; common equipment manufacturing, 3.2%; car manufacturing, -5.9%; electrical machinery and apparatus manufacturing, -4.0%; heating and power generation & distribution, -3.6%; and textile, -3.0%.