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Household Sewing Machine Market Rising Again (Chapter One)

From:Date:2020/09/24 15:23:27

This year global economy is faced with extreme uncertainties, the decline of both national and transnational market has dealt a heavy blow to many sectors. Even so, some industry do grow against the adversity. In the past 9 months, China's sewing machinery enterprises have managed to make progresses, in which case, household sewing machine has demonstrated excellent performance and become the icing on the cake with orders continuously growing.

Increase of both export volume and value

The latest data from China Customs show that from January to July China has exported 4.8594 million sets of household sewing machines, growing 7.32% on year-on-year basis, and created an export value of 122 million USDs, 16.91% higher than previous year. It is the first time this year that both export volume and value have increased.

China's export/import volume and value of sewing machinery from Jan to Jul, 2020

(unit: set, kg, USD)

Export of household sewing machine from China from Jan to Jul, 2020

In particular, the export value of multi-functional, manual and other types of household sewing machines have respectively grown 5.06%, 0.65 % and 58.97 %, which are all higher than these machines' export volume growth rates. The unit price of household sewing machine has risen to some extent though the export volume might fall.

High cost-performance product becoming bestseller

So what is the reason for the gradual recovery of international household sewing machine market? Maybe you still remember that lots of people have picked up a variety of hobbies when stuck at home due to the pandemic like cooking, handcrafts, performing. It's the same case for sewing.

Person in charge of Household Sewing Machine Division in Brother noted that the sales of Brother's household sewing machine have soared since the Spring Festival this year till June attributing to the fact that home textile and decoration has become a new option for people under quarantine to kill time and therefore household sewing machine becomes popular. However, they buy household sewing machine out of a whim, and don't know much about it, so products with high performance and low cost has become their favorite. The low and medium-end products of major brands have sold out sometimes.

It's also proved by the conclusion we draw from the analysis of export destination and product that the export volume of multi-functional household sewing machines with unit price less than 1,000 RMBs has risen sharply and become a key pull factor.

Significant increase of transnational demand

In terms of export markets, the export from markets in Asia, Europe, North America, Oceanica, etc. have all increased, and the demand in global markets has rocketed. The top 10 export markets of household sewing machine are US, Japan, Poland, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Vietnam, Indonesia, UK and Holland. Countries like Vietnam, Australia, Poland, Belgium, Thailand, UK and Canada have seen their export values grow 100% at least, countries like Turkey, Russia, Japan, Egypt, Togo and Malaysia have boasted growth in both export volume and value, while countries like UAE, Italy, India, Kenya, Indonesia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, South Korea and  Ghana have seen decline of both figures.

China's export of sewing machine to each continent from Jan to Jul, 2020

(unit: set, USD)

Online selling as mainstream

When interviewed, heads of household sewing machine enterprises like Brother, Butterfly, Singer and Yokomo unanimously expressed that online selling has gradually become the major channel to sell household sewing machine in domestic retailing market. In the first half of this year, live streaming selling on platforms like JD.com and Tmall have substantially stimulated the online sales of all kinds of household sewing machines, and leading brands have launched their own promotions and become unprecedentedly popular during 618 shopping festival. Sources from enterprises like Shenxing and Hengqiang commented that major distributors have begun to increase their stockpiles as the production capacity and the markets recover. Considering they receive more and more domestic and foreign orders since May, the high season has started and people have an optimistic outlook for the second half of this year.