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A Fabulous End of Start-up Contest Road Show

From:Date:2020/10/14 15:20:28

On Oct 9th, many prominent entrepreneurs have gathered at Yangshuo, a picturesque city with attractive mountains and waters, at which a grand event for young talents in sewing machinery industry will be held soon, i.e. the 2020 Road Show of Start-up Contest for Young Sewing Machinery Entrepreneurs organized by Young Entrepreneurs Branch of China Sewing Machinery Association (CSMA) with the theme of "creating new norms under a new era for sewing".

Prestigious figures in sewing machinery industry have attended the contest as judges like He Ye (Vice Chairman of China National Light Industry Council and Chairman of CSMA), Yang Xiaojing (Vice Chairman of CSMA), Zhang Min (President of SGG), Ruan Jixiang (Founder of Jack), Lin Xueping (President of Maqi), Liang Fo'xiang (President of Xiang'xing), Chen Xinhua (President of Xiang'tai), Luo Qian (President of Supreme). Attendants also include 4 scores more, such as General Secretary of CSMA and Chairman of Young Entrepreneur Branch Chen Ji, Vice General Secretary, Young Entrepreneur Branch members, person in charge of the Road Show, with Liu Min (Vice General Secretary of CSMA and Vice Chairman of Young Entrepreneur Branch) as the host.

One of the major events during the 2020 annual meeting of Young Entrepreneur Branch is to select 9 programs for on-site address. Person responsible for related program from each of the 9 following enterprises, i.e. SGG, Jack, Typical, Dahao, Automazione, Flying Tiger, Xiang'xing, Redsun, Yucai has respectively delivered presentation on heatedly-debated topics in sewing machinery industry, such as development of wireless remotely-controlled sewing & embroidery machinery and information transmission platform, sewing machinery IoT solutions prepared for digital transition and upgrade of apparel factories, development and marketing of intelligent production management system "Typical Intelligent Cloud", custom-made embroidery solutions based on Dahao cloud platform, Internet-shared manufacture project for textile industrial cluster, industrial sewing needle with locating surface, Xiang'xing cloud system, trimming device of intelligent over-lock stitch sewing machine upgraded from RS-60 ordinary over-lock stitch machine, multi-functional laser pocket-hole sewing machine.

Having been well prepared, concise and brilliant, all the presentations delivered during the contest have demonstrated the development extent and achievements of intelligent sewing, and proved that sewing enterprises have thoroughly exploited the downstream industry and have had specific and profound thoughts closely matching with customers' needs. In the end of each presentation, advisors will interact with the speaker at random with insightful and well-targeted questions; in the meantime, the speakers have given ingenious and impeccable answers. Also, the attendants are impressed by the outstanding capacity of young entrepreneurs and R&D teams. Moreover, the training advisors have remarked on the selected programs one after another, and given professional advices accordingly; their proficiency developed through engaging in the industry for many years have fully revealed by their incisive comments from perspectives like global economic development trend in a post-pandemic world, the interpretation of macro national strategy, establishment of business and profit mode, program prospect and planning, manifestation of innovation and creativity, etc.

Chairman He Ye has also awarded related certificates to the training advisors. The contest, launched in March this year, has gone through the phases of program collection, assessment, and will move on to the stage of practice and promotion of typical program upon the completion of the road show.