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Initiating a New Period with Digital Coordination

From:Date:2020/12/18 16:36:18

2020 China Sewing Machinery Conference on 'Initiating a New Period with Digital Coordination' and the 5th Session of the 10th Board of Directors has been convened on Dec 4 at Wuxi, which is presided over by Chen Ji, General Secretary of China Sewing Machinery Association (CSMA), and attended by nearly 230 CSMA directors and members. He Ye, Vice President of China Light Industry Council and Director General of CSMA, has also been present at the conference and delivered a keynote speech. She puts high emphasis on seizing the opportunities brought by a new round of technological and industrial changes, fulfilling the novel belief of development, adhering to innovation-driven development, speeding up intelligent transition, as well as playing a leading role worldwide so as to realize high quality growth across the board, and strive to join the first rank manufacturing powers.

In her keynote speech about "embarking on the new journey of sewing industry high-quality development during the '14th five-year' against the challenging times while making use of existing elements and seeking innovation", He Ye revealed that  faced with the covid pandemic the sewing industry has stood up to the plight, and taken on due responsibilities in such difficult situations in 2020. Regarding pandemic prevention, the industry has guaranteed the manufacturing of protective equipment to an excellent extent; a hundred of enterprises have participated and rendered tens of thousands of times of services. They've produced 70,000 sets/pieces of such equipment creating a revenue of 1.8 billion CNY; CSMA also has devoted itself to such great cause, and has been highly recognized by the government. Regarding reopening the economy, CSMA has opportunely issued Pandemic Prevention Guidelines for Enterprises while Resuming Business, and enterprises have managed to make progress against the setbacks; the sewing industry has reopened 90% in early March, and 100 in mid April. Regarding social responsibilities across the industry, CSMA has taken the initiative to waiver the membership fees of 900,000 or so in 2020, then more than 2 scores of enterprises have donated 3 million CNY and pandemic prevention supplies like face mask and related equipment to the government and firms.

In summarizing the industrial achievements made during the 13rd five-year, He Ye noted that the sewing machinery industry has joined the leading powers after years of efforts, which is evidenced by the stable rise of industrial status, increasing improvement of industrial structure, gradually enhanced advantage of quality brand, significantly strengthened capacity at innovation, world beating manufacturing capacity, and steadily boosted competitiveness.

In devising the 14th five-year development plan, she highlighted such five issues as embarking on the new journey of innovation-driven development, establishing a new belief of emphasizing both quality and efficiency, building a new system with a revamped structure, and launching a new mode of digital manufacturing, so as to deliver high-quality development of the sewing machinery industry.

On the conference, CSMA Work Report 2020 by Chen Ji has been reviewed and approved, the 14th Five-year Technical Roadmap of the Sewing Machinery Industry has been issued after approval, and Excellent Patent Prize in 2020 has been awarded to eligible enterprises.

Besides, the conference includes an inspiring session of keynote speech and discussion on particular topics, during which Lan Bing, Director of Machine Tool Development Dept, Dongfeng Machine Tool Plant, Dong Jian, Specially-retained Postgraduate Tutor in Control Engineering, Nanjing University, and Liu Zheng'an, Vice President of China Academy of Clothing Tech Innovation have successively shared their resonated ideas of digital tech renovation of sewing machinery, key tasks for constructing intelligent factory, and the integration of digital tech with the industrial chain of the sewing machinery industry.

Moreover, in the session of the new advantages of digital sewing, figures like Zhao Xu, General Manager of Typical, Li Xiaofeng, Vice President of SGG, Zhang Kuan, Chairman of the Board of Meisda, Liu Hangdong, Chairman of the Board of TPET, Ruan Jiqing, Vice General Manager of Baoyu, have shared their opinion on the supply chain change of sewing machinery in a digital era; figures like Lin Zichun, Chairman of the Board of Qixing, Qiu Yangyou, Vice General Manager of Jack, Wang Xunwu, Chairman of the Board of BOM, Cai Feiyang, General Manager of Jinzen, Li Zixin, General Manager of Yuxin, have participated in 2 discussions on the topic of digital sewing's value development.