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Shall We Meet Online First in the New Year

From:Date:2021/02/23 15:25:59

2021, the year of CISMA, is unfolding.

Although the pandemic resurges recently, the sewing machinery industry has secured a reliable positive growth on the whole, the exhibitors have never halted their preparations for joining CISMA, and even speeded up their draft of exhibition plans and research and development of new products. So what are the brands joining us in the show this time? Who can make it to pay a visit to the physical show? We shall wait and see. Currently, China Sewing Machinery Association, the organizer of CISMA, has been steadily carrying out all the related procedures as intended while making adjustments in accordance with newly formulated regulations, and will endeavor to stage an exhibition with high efficiency and security.

Supported by the official website of CISMA, the organizer has decided to make available to exhibitors free of charge its much-visited functions like Online Show before the show, so as to better render value-added services to exhibitors and divert clients to other websites, and provide facilitated and ideal experiences for visitors all over the world. The exhibitors, having access to online show, can display their brands, new products and techs; besides a separate exhibition webpage and a link to their respective official website, the online show can, of course, serve as a warm-up prior to the physical show. The customers can look for products they pay close attention to through online show, especially new products; it also creates an opportunity for customers to learn about the exhibitors, devise a plan for attendance, and interact with the exhibitors beforehand.

Ever since the launch of online show, the number of sewing machinery brands having finished uploading thousands of fine sewing machineries information has reached 500 and counting. What's more heartening is that the official CISMA website has diverted thousands of visits, substantially by foreign customers and transnational trading firms, to the official website of several brands.

So why don't we meet first at CISMA online show in the year of 2021? A warm reminder from the organizer to the exhibitors: please upload necessary info to our website as soon as finishing registration; upon preliminary application, visitors may as well go through the new products and techs through the said website.