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CISMA2021 Online Exhibition Service Upgraded Once More

From:Date:2021/04/15 09:13:37

For the purpose of providing more convenient and effective means of attending or visiting the show, the organizer of CISMA2021 has built an "one-stop" online exhibition platform by consolidating the resources from both the supply side and the demand side. Currently, the online exhibition on mobile phone is under test and will be available soon!

Integrated platform

As the extension of the largest physical show in the world, CISMA has rapidly improved its ability to provide services for global industry chain. Equipped with the registration feature for domestic and foreign exhibitors, its English version website also works as the major medium for overseas visitors to apply for admission and gather information about CISMA. The official website, an occasion where the supply side and the demand side throughout the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain integrate with each other, has been enabled to provide value-added services and divert the traffic effectively.

The organizer this year has launched its mobile version of CISMA online exhibition, the top feature closely followed by both the supply side and the demand side, based on its PC version. Taking advantage of its Wechat account that has garnered a large number of followers, mobile online exhibition can reach to clients without friction. At present, exhibitors can log in the above platform to upload information about new product, tech, brand, and so on without charge. At a time when live stream prevails nationwide, it can also render live-streaming trailer services to break down the spatiotemporal limitations, and make accessible your products to the visitors more quickly and thoroughly. Now, let's figure out how to use this platform, shall we?

Powerful functions

Upon registration, the enterprises can upload the following information to the online exhibition: company profile, company logo, product logo, contact information, product details, related events, etc., and they can also attach a link therein to their official website. Those who owns no official website can have access to the enterprises page available in the online exhibition for free, so as to promote their info like company profile, product, events and contact info.

Those who log in the online exhibition can at most upload 12 pieces of product information in the format of text, picture or video, and update them opportunely. This platform can also produce invitation letters to share and spread those enterprises' exhibition booth details as soon as their booth numbers are determined.

The alternately pictures on homepage with large size are available for promoting enterprises' major products, and those who have developed live-stream business can post information about their live-stream account, trailers, etc., so as to attract visits to the most extent on CISMA platform.

The online exhibition encompasses 9 exhibition halls with distinct themes, and the visitors can search for related information as per company name, exhibit category and product brand.

As the main channel for foreign clients to log in and collect CISMA updates, its official website in English can also visit the online exhibition easily. Enterprises placing an emphasis on foreign trade may as well upload necessary information in Chinese and English, for the convenience of overseas clients.

How to log in

To have access to the online exhibition via personal computer, visit official website (click the button on the top left corner to change language), then click "product" at the top column, or different exhibition category at the middle column. The same also applies to the website in English.

Regarding mobile phone users, follow the Wechat account CISMAshow, then enter the online exhibition through the menu at the bottom; likewise, both English and Chinese version are available on mobile platform.

A warm reminder

Any exhibitor that has finished registering in CISMA2021 and processing the deposit payment can have access to the online exhibition for free.

Till now, the number of product information uploaded by hundreds of brands to the online exhibition has exceeded 1,000 and counting. Those who haven't logged in can contact the service QQ account 800111450 for user name and password; the free entry will last until September 10, 2021.

The online exhibition will provide no endorsement for any deals since it works not as a trading platform but a display platform for sewing machinery enterprises, and it endeavors to build an ever-lasting CISMA and become the search engine of sewing machinery information.