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CISMA2023’s Latest Check-in Procedures for Overseas Visitors07-28 15:49

To make sure overseas exhibitors and visitors can enter the exhibition halls smoothly...[Full Story]

How to Apply for Invitation Letter before Visiting CISMA202307-27 16:51

China Int’l Sewing Machinery and Accessories Show (CISMA), held every the other year, is the largest trade fair for sewing equipment...[Full Story]

Notice about the Selection of CISMA2023 Strategic Overseas Distributors05-19 16:08

The organization committee of 2023 China Int’l Sewing Machinery and Accessories (CISMA2023) show will launch the selection...[Full Story]

The Long-Awaited CISMA2023 Visitor Pre-registration Starts Now05-10 10:41

CISMA2023 booths are being arranged in an orderly manner, and more than a thousand exhibitors have sped up...[Full Story]

A Burgeoning Spring Foretelling a Splendid CISMA202304-28 14:45

An exclusive interview with Chen Ji, deputy director-general and secretary-general of China Sewing Machinery Association[Full Story]

Here Come the Adjustments Made to CISMA2023 Exhibition Areas04-27 09:42

Since it’s launched last year, CISMA2023 has attracted 1,100 more exhibitors so far...[Full Story]

CISMA2023 On-site Publicity Services Available for Reservation03-31 09:12

China Int’l Sewing Machinery and Accessories (CISMA) show 2023 will take place this September 25 to 28 at Shanghai...[Full Story]

Important Notice: Registration for CISMA2023 Ending on March 3103-17 16:35

Only a score of days left before the registration for CISMA2023 comes to an end on March 31. More than 1,000 exhibitors...[Full Story]