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PRC sewing sector performance in 2021 and its prospects in 202204-28 09:29

In 2021, China's economy continue to bounce back, and global economic situations improve significantly, presenting a bright prospect...[Full Story]

Sewing Machinery Exp/Imp Briefing of 2022 Q1 04-27 10:55

In the first quarter of 2022, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and other ASEAN countries have seen their textile and apparel exports...[Full Story]

China Sewing Sector Expo-Impo Performance in the First 2 Months04-13 15:48

As overseas markets have a rising demand for restocking at the beginning of 2022, China's sewing machinery sector ...[Full Story]

Announcement of the Postponement of China Int'l Sewing Machinery and Accessories Show 2021 (CISMA2021)03-30 15:12

Recently, Covid cases have been resurging all of a sudden in many provinces, posing an unprecedentedly grave threat...[Full Story]

Here Comes the Attendance Guide for CISMA2021 Exhibitors03-17 15:59

CISMA2021 is going to take place on April 27 to 30, 2022 at Ningbo. Currently, almost all of the booths...[Full Story]

Encouraging News: The Sector Realized Record Export in 202102-25 11:27

In 2021, as the developed economies in Europe and America overcome the adversities brought by...[Full Story]

Show You around CISMA2021 Exhibition Halls02-21 09:11

CISMA2021 will be held from April 27 to 30, 2022 at Ningbo. At present, most of the booths...[Full Story]

Services for CISMA2021 Carried out Smoothly02-21 09:15

CISMA2021 has been relocated to Ningbo, which is a completely new venue for...[Full Story]