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EXIM Briefing of the Sector in the First 10 Months of 202212-30 13:14

In October, the impact of high inflation and rising interest rates linger on, and consumption in developed countries have noticeably shrunk...[Full Story]

EXIM Briefing of the Sector in the First 9 Months of 202211-30 15:29

As the impacts of Russia-Ukraine conflicts, energy crisis, global inflation and the like continue to spill over in September, consumption...[Full Story]

CISMA2023 is Now Available for Registration 11-28 10:16

The much-anticipated CISMA2023 is now available for registration from Nov 15th on... [Full Story]

The Theme for CISMA2023 Having been Determined10-31 14:26

CISMA2021, having been held lately, has demonstrated the most advanced sewing technologies and a wide range of sewing products...[Full Story]

Imp-exp Briefing of the Sector in the First 8 Months of 202209-29 10:32

In August, major markets in Southeast Asia have continued to generate demands for sewing machinery, and South and North America markets......[Full Story]

Summary of the First Half of 2022 and Outlook for the Second Half08-29 15:07

In the past half year, the sewing machinery sector has been faced with greater challenges as a wide range of adverse factors coincide with...[Full Story]

CISMA2021 Closed of Late with 22,000 Visitors in Total08-04 09:09

On the afternoon of August 1, 2022, the very day of PLA's 95th anniversary, CISMA2021, the grandest event...[Full Story]

The Int’l Coop. and Devt. Forum 2022 Held during CISMA08-03 10:27

In the afternoon of July 30, the very high time of CISMA2021, elites of the sewing machinery sector...[Full Story]