The much-anticipated live-streaming will start in mid-December
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Economic Briefing on Sewing Machinery Industry in August11-03 16:31

As domestic economy steadily recovers and demands in global markets gradually rebound, the sewing machinery industry in China has reopened rapidly...[Full Story]

More Discounts - Interpretation of CISMA2021 Favorable Policies11-25 15:47

CISMA2021 has a special meaning in a post-pandemic world, and its registration procedure has been available recently...[Full Story]

Online Sign up the Only Way for Domestic Exhibitor to Join CISMA11-16 15:52

More than 300 enterprises have registered for the much-anticipated CISMA2021 Show within merely 10 days after it's officially launched on Oct 9th...[Full Story]

CISMA2021 Officially Launched and Sign Up Right Now!10-29 10:37

As a grand event that showcases all the achievements made in sewing machinery area, it is bound to bring inspirations to global sewing machinery industry...[Full Story]

Global Goods Trading Falling Successively in Q2 According to WTO10-22 11:16

Data released by World Trade Organization before long show that global trading volume of goods in Q2 falls 14.3% compared with Q1...[Full Story]

Market Analysis - American Import of Sewing Machines from China Decreasing10-13 14:17

America's demand change has been an issue to which sewing machine enterprises around the world pay close attention for many years...[Full Story]

Household Sewing Machine Market Rising Again (Chapter One)05-19 10:03

This year global economy is faced with extreme uncertainties, the decline of both national and transnational market has dealt a heavy blow to many sectors...[Full Story]

Rhino Intelligent Factory Enabled by China's Sewing Enterprises10-23 10:28

Alibaba debuts and puts into use its new manufacture platform - Rhino Intelligent Factory on September 16, the first of its kind in the world...[Full Story]