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Spare Parts Sector Ready for High-quality Development10-14 09:05

In 2020, faced with the challenge of major economic indicators declining due to the pandemic and subsequent repercussions...[Full Story]

Exposition of the 14th 5-year Plan for Sewing Market Part I06-24 09:25

Stepping into the starting year of the 14th five-year plan, China Sewing Machinery Association has issued...[Full Story]

CISMA2021 Online Exhibition Service Upgraded Once More04-15 09:13

For the purpose of providing more convenient and effective means of attending or visiting the show, the organizer of CISMA2021 has built...[Full Story]

4 Highlights of the Sewing Machinery Market during the 13th 5-year Plan10-14 09:06

From the onset of the 13th five-year plan, the sewing machinery industry in China, though faced with the new norms...[Full Story]

A Wide Range of Tailored Promotion Options at Your Service06-24 09:26

As it enters March, a month characterized by Spring breeze, CISMA2021 has initiated its countdown of registration expiration...[Full Story]

A 30% Growth in Sewing Machineries Patent Application in 202003-09 09:47

According to China National Intellectual Property Administration, the sewing machinery industry has applied for 7,326 pieces...[Full Story]

Countdown to the Expiration of CISMA Registration03-02 11:03

As February comes to an end, CISMA2021, the wind vane of global sewing machinery industry and an event that draws attention...[Full Story]

Economic Briefing of Sewing Machinery Industry of Nov 202002-23 15:25

In Nov, the recovery of the sewing machinery industry in China has been further strengthened, in which case, the export has grown for 4 months on end...[Full Story]