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Briefing on the Economic Status of Sewing Machinery Industry from Jan to Jul09-30 13:34

As the pandemic is brought under control and the economy is bound to be fully reopened in China, the demand for sewing machinery...[Full Story]

Decline of Above-scale Enterprises' Profits Slowing Down from Jan to Jul09-01 13:23

Data released by National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on its website show that from January to July...[Full Story]

The Current Situation of Supply Chain in Sewing Industry08-20 16:58

As the demands at home and abroad for sewing machinery grow since July, the market of sewing machinery has gradually recovered...[Full Story]

Patents on Sewing Machinery in the First Half of 2020 - Fast Development of Tech Research Innovation08-17 15:34

Data released by National Intellectual Property Administration show that 3,500 patents of all kinds on sewing machinery have been applied in total in the first half of 2020...[Full Story]

Briefing on China's Sewing Machine Industry in the First Half of 2020 —— Stability and Marginal Recovery09-17 15:30

In face of the challenges brought by the pandemic and the changing environments at home and abroad in 2020...[Full Story]

The Current Situation of Sewing Machine Manufacturers09-22 14:04

As said by the interviewed sewing machine manufacturers, business activities like production, sales, R&D etc. have recovered...[Full Story]

Top 100 in Light Industry & Top 10 in Sewing Industry Published08-05 15:51

A series of lists have been published recently after the assessment organized by China National Light Industry Council in 2019...[Full Story]

Taking on the Challenge through Innovation 06-28 13:13

At present, China has gradually flattened the curve while the rest of the world are still suffering from a complex and changing pandemic.[Full Story]