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Can 3D Printed Dress be Customized in Future?04-28 10:26

When thinking of 3D printing, we may think of solid articles which are dead and immovable. [Full Story]

Investigation on Computerized Embroidery Machine Industry04-28 10:32

Zhejiang Zhuji is the largest industrial cluster of China computerized embroidery machine industry. In the past two years, China embroidery machine industry is further concentrated to Zhuji. [Full Story]

Export Condition of China Sewing Machinery04-28 10:27

In 2014, the developed economic entities, represented by the US, slowly recover, thus promoting the global textile and apparel consumption, and further releasing the demand of international market for sewing machinery equipment.[Full Story]

Development of China Sewing Machinery Industry in Past 30 Years07-23 13:59

On November 11, 1984, China Sewing Machine Association [Full Story]