JACK Attending Shandong Apparel Supply Chain Conference with Intelligent Solutions05-07 16:23

On April 20, Shandong Apparel Supply Chain Conference was held at the provincial capital Tsingtao...[Full Story]

PEGASUS and JUKI Announcing Strategic Cooperation Relationship04-28 10:18

On April 26, Pegasus and Juki formally announced that they have built cooperation relationship concentrating on...[Full Story]

BEALEAD Developing Professional Training for Dealers04-25 09:40

Changshu Bailian Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd. holds a one-week professional technical training for dealers to enable them to further...[Full Story]

GERBER Having Made Large Investment to Help Companies Reducing Costs04-23 15:01

As the price of raw material and product keeps rising, Gerber Technology is proud to announce key enhancements to their software packages...[Full Story]

YIN Launches the Largest Numerical Control Cutting Bed in the World04-23 15:22

Yin launches the numerical control cutting bed with the largest size and cutting area in the world. [Full Story]

LECTRA Launches the Latest Optiplan V3R404-23 15:15

Lectra launches the latest optimization solution Optiplan? for the garment production and cutting room. New Optiplan? utilizes the lean production principle to the cutting planning process...[Full Story]

SGG (Europe) Purchases 29% Share Equities from DA Company04-23 15:14

On the seventeenth session of the seventh board of directors of SGSB Group Co., Ltd., "resolution on Shanggong (Europe)'s purchase of 29% share equities from DA Company" is passed.[Full Story]

TYPICAL Attends the Mid-term Technical Exchange of National Science and Technology Support Program04-23 15:07

Typical Company attends the mid-term technical exchange inspection session of the national science and technology support program "innovative application demonstration project of numerical control machinery products in Shaanxi Province".[Full Story]